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2012-07-24 - Seems to be yearly holiday updates only!

After a year and it's my summer holidays again... new content on this site. First I scanned some original documents that came with new Atari Falcon030's. You can find those documents in the 'Documents / Falcon' section. Next there are some Motorola MC68000 documents I found in a pile of paper that might be interesting to some of you. These can be found in the 'Documents / Other' section. And for the people that are up to a nice hardware project, why not build yourself a nice PAK-68/3 with cache? I added quite some scans in the 'Hardware / ST' section of one of the best German computer magazines c't.

2011-07-16 - More and more magazines...

I'm really enjoying scanning some magazines so head over to the Magazines section of this site to see if any scanned copy is to your liking! Right now I only scanned Dutch and German magazines. I'll try to find some English as well.

2011-07-06 - More magazines scans and Matrix video card info

After acquiring a beautiful Atari TT with a Matrix TC1208e (2MB) videocard I scanned some information that accompanied the whole lot. Somewhere in the next few days I'll image the (original) driver disks as well and upload them. The former owner also had TOS Magazin 09/92 with a review of the specific Matrix videocard which I also scanned and uploaded (see Magazines / TOS Magazin).

2011-06-16 - Some magazines scans coming up

Today after a long wait a nice suprise showed up in the mail today: CTPCI for my Falcon CT63!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to install it directly because I need to flash my CT63 first to be able to get the CTPCI up and running. However I got an Atari mood again and decided to do some productive work after only reading Atari fora for the last months. So I grabbed the first Atari magazine I could find and started scanning. It turned out to be a Dutch mixed ST / XL - XE magazine from 1989 with for instance coverage of the CEBIT with the introduction of the Stacey, Transputer Workstation and Portfolio. Take a look under Magazines / ST!
UPDATE: More magazines scans uploaded (for instance all Atari related reviews from the Dutch game magazine Hoog Spel, see Articles / Games) as well as some manuals, check Documents / Guides!

2009-05-04 - Self made hardware projects

Due to some requests on different english and german fora I thought lets scan some nice self made hardware projects. I collected a huge collection of Atari magazines, mainly in german. The first I scanned is a nice 16MHz upgrade for your standard Atari ST. See Hardware / ST section.

To let you know, I'm still in the process of extending the imaging of the complete Dutch Stichting ST. It's quite time consuming, but eventually it will be done... I'll keep you updated.

2008-10-19 - My first big gift to the Atari 16/32 bit scene

After a long time of imaging and testing hundreds of public domain disks owned by the Stichting ST, Leiden, The Netherlands, I'm now ready to publish the first 666 disks to the world. Ok, some 25 disks of the first 666 are still missing, but there are 641 disks to explore! I created a webpage with the Dutch information about the disks, which I unfortunately can't translate to English due to time constraints.

The files are stored as .ST images, so they can be used with STeem or written to original floppy disks with for instance JayMSA. All images are stored on SkyDrive by Microsoft. I know this is not the most user friendly place to download those images, but for the time being... If someone wants to offer some valuable ftp space please contact me!

Well, don't wait any longer and take a look at the index page here!

2007-08-13 - Official opening of the site

Well, here is a first rough setup for my new project. Over the years I have collected quite some information and data on the Atari 16/32 bit line of computers and now it's time to share it with you!

I've tried to setup navigation on this page as easy as possible. First select the kind of information you're looking for (i.e. documents, magazines, software or hardware). Then on the left you select the category of Atari computer you want the information about.

Additions to the site will of course depend on the amount of time I have to publish it. So if you're looking for specific information you think I might have based on the already available information published here, please contact me.